Ayurveda might answer with 20 powerful ottamoolis to combat COVID 19

Can we succeed in organizing our society in such a way that we change our consumption patterns and make optimal use of new techniques and new insights?

While virologists worldwide are nervously searching for a vaccine against Covid-19, in the Europe Ayurveda Centre the approach is completely different.

Far away from the hustle and bustle, in the Ayurvedic herbal research garden grow plants, trees, and especially many aquatic plants with strong antimicrobial properties. 

Dr. V.P. Mohana Kumari, the Indian Ayurvedic doctor, and co-founder of this center has put together 20 herbs, all of which together are a powerful means of strengthening the immune system. These herbs are currently being cultivated in abundance.

A number of these herbs have been researched by the University of Münster and have proven antimicrobial properties.

“Finding a vaccine to eliminate Covid-19 is a very expensive and also a temporary answer to a problem that cannot be caught with one solution,” says Dr. V.P. Mohana Kumari.

Once the virus mutates, the vaccine will no longer be of any use to us, which is a great pity.

We need to strengthen our immune system much more. That will help us not only with COVID-19 but with all kinds of attacks by known but also unknown bacteria and viruses. 

It always starts with our immune system.

That is why I think it’s so important that instead of diligently looking for a vaccine, we start investigating other possibilities and investing in them.

What about lifestyle, good nutrition, and a healthy mind?

Ensuring that we are resilient, not only physically but also mentally. In Ayurveda, we have meditation and yoga for this. Both can help you enormously to search and find the silence within yourself.

It is important to ask ourselves why a minuscule organism can shut down the whole world on such a large scale?

What is the cause of this? The answer has yet to be found.

What I do know is that nothing just happens. There is always a reason.

We must realize that the Earth cannot be exploited indefinitely.

It’s important to organize our society differently, and I’m not talking about the 1½ meter distance, but about our consumption behavior.

How can we live and enjoy life to the fullest without exploiting the earth and its resources? Who do we want to be in 10, 20 years, how do we want to leave the earth to our children?

When we start with these questions as a starting point, it can begin to fill in and that can be very enlightening and incredibly inspiring.

From Ayurveda, which means “science of life”, there are infinite ways to live our lives optimally with and for the earth.

Our herbal preparation, which gets the name Krimmi Satru, is a beautiful example of this.

We gratefully take advantage of the call of Prof. Dr. Ton de Boer, chairman of the MEB, who said:

“It would be a shame if a brilliant idea were to perish or research takes longer than necessary because the study design could have been better. Hence our call to researchers to come to us now for accelerated scientific advice, especially for COVID-19, “

The application for scientific advice and further research of this Ayurvedic herbal preparation has therefore been submitted to the Medicines Evaluation Board in Europe on 6 May 2020.

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